Company profile

Energo Tekhnologia provides services to generation companies in part of reconstruction, technical upgrading and new generation equipment installation mainly in heat energy sector and also has as opportunity to perform the similar projects in hydropower area, nuclear power and alternative power area. 

Energo Tekhnologia performs a full range of works for extension of power potential of chemical enterprises of different specialization. There are such works as reconstruction, technical upgrade and new generation equipment installation at CHP.

Over the years of our work Energo Tekhnologia rendered a wide range of services within the reconstruction and construction of power plants, and installed different power equipment.


Energo Tekhnologia performs engineering services in such power-intensive industries as:

  • metal industry;

  • machine industry;

  • chemicals sector;

  • pulb and paper industry;

  • petroleum refining industry;

  • mining industry.


As EPC contractor we perform engineering services ranging from preengineering studies to detailed design and all the services required for:

  • construction;

  • commissioning of energy facilities;

  • equipment procurement and delivery;

  • installation and construction works;

  • start-up operations;

  • systems automation;

  • EPCM.

Our engineers have taken part in a number of design projects for Russia’s biggest power plants, working with various types of fuel and in different environmental conditions such as tropical climate, permafrost area and also in higher seismicity regions.

A high quality of our services corresponds to ISO 9001:2015 and has been certified by the Russian Standards Agency. We have the required SRO-memberships.